Monday, February 04, 2013

Crowdsourcing a Book Title

#Brainstorming time... I've finished a new book that talks about my journey to my first marathon, where I tanked, to the following year where I ran the 'Goofy Challenge' (1/2 marathon on Sat, Full on Sunday). It's not meant as a technical, how to, with training & mileage plans, but more of a story with some tips/tricks throughout. I'm stuck on a Title.

  1. "I ran a Marathon.... And You Can Too! A Personal story of a Casual Runner to Marathoner"
  2. "Couch Potato to Goofy Marathon Challenge: Why and How" 
  3. "Couch Potato to Goofy Marathon Challenge"

Please add a comment on your favorite.


Unknown said...

I like #1. It reminds me of Steven Colbert's books with silly titles.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can think of a couple:
1) An earnest tale and tips of a rookie marathoner
2) From the couch to a marathon in weeks

Anonymous said...

#3. Keep it short and simple.

MDR said...

1)Marathoning tips for rookies
2)Put down the remote and run a marathon
3)Why run a marathon?

Unknown said...

Hi folks! The cover concept is out the door.

I settled on Goof Off to Goofy Marathoner.
From a Casual Runner to Marathoner

I hope to have this up on Amazon by 2/15

Thanks for your great ideas!