Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wednesday 11/23

Today was a so-so day.  I was schedule for the 4 miles and once again couldn’t get up early enough to do it.  So between that and the rain in the evening, I went to the Y and got on the Dreadmill.  This was the kinda good part.

I’d thought I’d been doing about 10 minute miles, but when I set the ‘mill to a comfortable pace, it claimed I was going 9:00/mile!  Every once in a while I’d pick  it up the about 8:30 or so and then drop it back.


The bad part was that I started coughing and the sinus problems haven’t let up.  Since I’m allergic to mold and pollen, the dropped leaves and wet days can’t be helping me too much.  I hate the Dreadmill, but I may have to do more of that until the frost kills the mold outside.


Felt worse right before bed, ….. I hope I’m not coming down with something (again).  The 10K Turkey Trot is on for Thursday and I want to run in it!



Sunday 11/21

Today was a 10 mile run.  Nice weather, just a little cool and the dog kept pace.  I dropped her off after mile 5 and took some water and kept going.  Made the mistake of not watering enough, so there was a fair amount of walking from miles 4 onward.  I tried to keep it to only 30 seconds or so, but miles 9 & 10 were tough.  Can’t make that mistake again.


I still have the problems of getting up early in the morning for these long runs.  Maybe need to try Paul Harvey’s “Theragesic” for my stiff back.  That’s one of the things that slows me down.


Felt a little sinus drainage today, that didn’t help much either. 


Friday, November 19, 2004


Yesterday's 7 mile plan went off without a hitch.   No late night Emergency Room visits! And the dog made the run with me.  I cut her loose after 5 miles, she was a little slow tonight.  So I dropped her home and went back out to finish up.
It was a little odd.  My legs felt a little heavy after around 4 miles.  It must have been the relatively lateness of the run.  5pm after a full day at work.  It's just such a problem getting up in the morning to run.  Of course, I'll need to do that for the marathon (yikes!  only 2 months left!)
The next short term goal is gettin up for the 7:30am TNT group run on Saturday.  Since we have to gather at 3am in Orlando, I guess I need to get ready for early mornings!  It's funny, 20 years ago, I'd just be getting to sleep at 3am :(

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Todays' Run

Today was kinda off.  I'd the best of intentions to run my 5 miles last night, but as they say "Life is what happens when you're making plans".  At around 5:30, my wife started having some pretty severe upper gastro problems and some back pains.  Given that this is one of the symptoms of heart problems in women, and her family has had heart disease history, AND that her mother had these same type of symptoms about 5 weeks ago and wound up with a double by-pass, we thought it a good idea to get it checked out.
After a visit to the GP, he prescribed some Zantac and Vicodin for pain and if there was problems to go into the ER and have them check her out.  That visit killed my run, but well worth the time.
So, at 2am I'm awoken and she's still having problems and they are getting worse. So, we're off to the ER.  Chest Xrays', blood and lab work, and 4 hrs later, we go home.  No heart problems, no bypass, no sleep :(
No real diagnosis either.. Other than Reflux.  Which isn't too bad... unless it's 2am and you want to sleep...
So, I wound up getting the 5 miles in today and my 4-legged training partner made it all the way through.  I tried to work it so that the wind would be to my back on the way in, but it shifted.  Not a big deal, it just encouraged me not to stop :)

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Catching up

It's been a busy weekend. I did my long run on Saturday. It was scheduled to be 8 miles, but I wound up going about 8 1/2. Not a big difference, but it felt good :)

My 4 legged training partner only made it about 4 miles. She's not upto the longer distances, so I dropped her home and went back out. The 2nd half I started heading out into the wind, but the chill got to me so I turned around and headed back. I still got my last 3 miles in well, and without the wind! My time was 1:22 for the 8.5 miles. I stretched for a few minutes after dropping the dog off, so that time should knock a few minutes off.

Sunday I made the mistake of not moving enough. I drove 3 hrs each way to take my daughter to visit George Mason campus. Very nice place, a decent amount of walking. Unfortunately, the 6 hrs in the car made getting up this morning really tough. So I skipped the 5 mile run. I plan on getting that in tonight.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Starting Out

Welcome to my blog site. It's a brand new thing for me.

I'm set up to run in the Disney 2005 Marathon in January for Team In Training. It's a very worthy cause, so please visit my site and think about donating.