Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Wednesday 11/23

Today was a so-so day.  I was schedule for the 4 miles and once again couldn’t get up early enough to do it.  So between that and the rain in the evening, I went to the Y and got on the Dreadmill.  This was the kinda good part.

I’d thought I’d been doing about 10 minute miles, but when I set the ‘mill to a comfortable pace, it claimed I was going 9:00/mile!  Every once in a while I’d pick  it up the about 8:30 or so and then drop it back.


The bad part was that I started coughing and the sinus problems haven’t let up.  Since I’m allergic to mold and pollen, the dropped leaves and wet days can’t be helping me too much.  I hate the Dreadmill, but I may have to do more of that until the frost kills the mold outside.


Felt worse right before bed, ….. I hope I’m not coming down with something (again).  The 10K Turkey Trot is on for Thursday and I want to run in it!



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Anonymous said...

Did an 8:30 in Army in "63", no running now but should, good luck!