Wednesday, December 01, 2004


It's been a bit busy over the past few daze.  One kid or another (or me) is suffering from allergies, sinus', etc.  The move to Va Beach and the change in climate/seasons is really kicking us hard.  I've noticed more of my problems have been coming after running outside.  So, after trying to get better over Turkey day,  I rested up and did my long run on a dreadmill. 
Yuck.  2 hrs on a tread mill is NOT much fun. I've gotta talk to the folks at the Y.  The machine says it's capable of being programmed to run a 5k or a 10k.  So, since Sunday was my 12 mile run, I thought I'd use the 10k.  The problem here is that the machines cut off after 30 minutes. I'm NOT running that fast.  So, I wound up having 4  3 mile runs.  Tedious.
Other than the legs being sore, the long run didn't bother me.  Sinus' were OK.  So, I'll try the dreadmill for my next scheduled 8 mile run and see how that goes.
Fund raising has slowed down a lot.  I've still got to raise some money for the TNT.  If anyone reads this, check out the link below and please consider donating.
 My niece from Richmond was down for Thanksgiving and she told me that it's not legal to eat Turkey in the country of Turkey.  "They just don't do it". :)

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