Monday, December 06, 2004

Finally, a Saturday Run!

I finally made it!  Our Team In Training group has a group run on Saturday mornings, and I've never made one. I'm not much for getting up early on a weekend.  This time, I thought I would need the encouragement to make it through the 14 mile run.
It was great!  A H*U*G*E difference with running with a group of people than by myself.  It was cold, around 34 or 35, when we started, but it warmed up nicely by the time I was done.  One of the people I ran with told us about a Cancer Memorial on 47th Street by the ocean, (I'm in Virginia Beach).  We took a little detour and looked at it.  Very nice. A little walkway, with some bricks with names on them. Also, some nice border bricks/slabs with writing about the victims of cancer.  A nice memorial and a reminder about why the Team In Training is doing this.
I made it back by myself. My running group was doing 20miles, so I turned around and had an escort up until about 5 miles to go. I'm very glad for the support of these coaches.  They have sports drink, gels, and words of encouragements throughout the training run.  I had a little twinge in my left foot at about mile 7 and again around 13. So, I did a little hobble back from 13 on.  Coach Bob suggested the ice routine, which helped out quite a bit.
It's hard to believe there's only 5 weeks left until the marathon!

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Emma said...

That rocks that the name of your blog is tanstaafl.

-from a big Heinlein fan