Monday, November 15, 2004

Catching up

It's been a busy weekend. I did my long run on Saturday. It was scheduled to be 8 miles, but I wound up going about 8 1/2. Not a big difference, but it felt good :)

My 4 legged training partner only made it about 4 miles. She's not upto the longer distances, so I dropped her home and went back out. The 2nd half I started heading out into the wind, but the chill got to me so I turned around and headed back. I still got my last 3 miles in well, and without the wind! My time was 1:22 for the 8.5 miles. I stretched for a few minutes after dropping the dog off, so that time should knock a few minutes off.

Sunday I made the mistake of not moving enough. I drove 3 hrs each way to take my daughter to visit George Mason campus. Very nice place, a decent amount of walking. Unfortunately, the 6 hrs in the car made getting up this morning really tough. So I skipped the 5 mile run. I plan on getting that in tonight.

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