Friday, November 19, 2004


Yesterday's 7 mile plan went off without a hitch.   No late night Emergency Room visits! And the dog made the run with me.  I cut her loose after 5 miles, she was a little slow tonight.  So I dropped her home and went back out to finish up.
It was a little odd.  My legs felt a little heavy after around 4 miles.  It must have been the relatively lateness of the run.  5pm after a full day at work.  It's just such a problem getting up in the morning to run.  Of course, I'll need to do that for the marathon (yikes!  only 2 months left!)
The next short term goal is gettin up for the 7:30am TNT group run on Saturday.  Since we have to gather at 3am in Orlando, I guess I need to get ready for early mornings!  It's funny, 20 years ago, I'd just be getting to sleep at 3am :(

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